WorkSafe Webfiltering solution

  IMC's WorkSafe webfiltering is IMC's Proprietary Internet Control System.

  This system is customizable to each customer's needs.
  WorkSafe does not require  the customer to install and maintain expensive hardware that can fail.

   IMC can routinely monitor the sites visited and alert the customer to bad or wasteful site access and make the appropriate changes as desired by the customer.

Privacy Is maintained:  IMC only can see the site name and number times accessed or blocked.

WorkSafe can block employee access to the web according to your criteria.

WorkSafe WILL increase the speed and safety of your internet .

Benefits of WorkSafe web filtering:

1.  Saving money by keeping workers focused on their jobs-  By reducing the temptation of wasteful internet usage.

2.  Your network and computers will be safer.  This service blocks known malicious sites.  We can alert you to possible threats as well.

3. Your internet, e-mail and web browsing will be faster. By removing much of traffic now blocked by WorkSafe web filtering.

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IMC Reviews on Yahoo! Local

by Monte

IMC has been on my team for over five years.

I'm always confident that I will get my computer issues fixed correctly with IMC. We have a mix of older and newer machines and John has been good about keeping some of the vintage merchandise running beyond their expected service life.

by Stella

IMC Computer Consulting has kept the maintenance of our office server and networked computers for quite a few years now. John has always been eager to find new and creative ways to facilitate and optimize the digital aspect of our business. He is reliable and efficient and knows his stuff! Five stars to a job always well done!

by adsantheypman

I have a business account that was in a panic because his network system went down. It's critical to his scheduling job orders for tv/home theater repairs & installation ...essentially he was out of business till he could get it fixed.
I called John to help out because I knew he was very capable in what he does. The client was very grateful with John's immediate response, and , of course, with a very professional repair job well done. I will keep IMC Computer at the top of my referral list for any business computer problems.

by Bill

I have a general civil litigation office in Irvine, California. IMC Computer Consulting has kept my office network running efficiently and without incident for the past seven years. I have always received outstanding, timely service from IMC. Further, IMC has been proactive in protecting and maintaining my server. For attention to detail, commitment to outstanding service, and outstanding value, IMC can not be beat. I highly recommended IMC.

by Judy

John is efficient and knows his stuff! It is so nice to be in business with someone I can depend on. I appreciate his timely manner in getting the job done as quickly and professionally as possible. He is respectful, honest, courteous, and friendly. we have been doing business with IMC for 2 yrs. now.

by Brandon

John has provided excellent service on both my office and personal computers. My laptop most recently had a strange problem, and I was about ready to trash it. John took the time to properly diagnose the problem and not bill me for unnecessary parts and labor, and saved me a lot of money.

by PacDec

John is, by far, the most reliable computer and networking consultant we've tried! We count on him to take care of issues in a timely manner and have our network and server working properly in-between visits because he monitors our back-up system. Very knowledgeable & pleasant to work with!

by Raymond

I have known John for over 30 years and can’t think of anyone more trustworthy. I think this alone sets John apart from the competition, and, trust is something I don’t dish out very much these days. John has been involved with computers since our high school days and thrives on keeping abreast with new technology. Of course, this is a personal reference based on long term experience.